Community Partners

WINRS is a partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing and two Madison community centers, the Goodman Community Center and the Lussier Community Education Center. Both centers have been serving community members for over 30 years by identifying and responding to individual and community needs; promoting recreational, cultural, and educational events; and coordinating programs and services that reflect the diversity of their communities.

Our staff liaisons at Goodman and Lussier support the Community Advisors on Research Design and Strategies (CARDS)®. They:

  • recruit community members to participate in monthly CARDS® meetings
  • schedule use of community center facilities for meetings and trainings
  • strategize with School of Nursing staff to plan effective meetings
  • address barriers to participation, such as child care and transportation
  • participate in meetings

"The WINRS team are the perfect ambassadors between the worlds of research and the grassroots community. They create spaces and processes where people can really communicate across barriers that often divide us."

Paul Terranova, Executive Director of the Lussier Community Education Center