Meet a Stakeholder: Bettye Emmanuel

Bettye Emmanuel

Member of the Goodman CARDS® since 2012

Bettye EmmanuelWhat is one thing you really like about being a member of the CARDS® at Goodman?

I like the commitment, how everyone keeps coming. I’ve always liked information, and being in the CARDS® makes me want to dig deeper.

What is one interesting experience or research topic we discussed at a meeting? Something that stands out in your memory about CARDS® meetings?

There was one meeting with a young lady [part of the research team], and I remember her saying something had happened to her grandma in assisted living. She wanted to improve contact between CNAs and providers so things would be better for the residents. I’m a CNA myself, and I’ve seen problems in assisted living homes, so I liked knowing that someone was trying to do something to make that better.

How has being in the CARDS® affected your attitude about research?

It really changed my opinion to see the background, the big picture of all of this. Researchers are trying to figure it all out – they’re learning as they go. And that’s really important that someone is trying to figure things out when it comes to health.

I was at my kids’ function recently, a family fun night for science, and a guy there recognized me – he was a researcher who remembered me from one of the CARDS® meetings! He had one of the flyers that we [the CARDS®] revised. You never know what people will remember about you and UW is huge. He saw me, recognized me, and remembered what I had to say.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that people might be surprised to learn!

I’ve got an old soul! I think people usually think I’m much older than I am.


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