Connecting Researchers to Their Communities


WINRS provides consultation services to help researchers engage community members as study advisors.

Researchers can seek support for proposal development, study implementation, and dissemination plans for their projects, all while working to engage the community and learn from diverse perspectives. 

Effectively Connect and Engage with Community Advisors

We partner with research teams to support community engagement at all stages of projects.

We know every project is unique, so our services are tailored to your specific needs.

Whether your project is small or extensive, whether you need assistance for a single meeting or a multi-year endeavor, WINRS is here to support you. 

  • Develop tailored orientation sessions for community and patient advisors
  • Co-design and facilitate effective community/patient advisory meetings
  • Revise public-facing study materials (recruitment materials, web pages, apps, survey or interview questions, informed consent language) to make them more engaging and inclusive
  • Share resources on community-engaged research to benefit research teams
  • Advise on community engagement plans and budgets for grant proposals

WINRS Services and Costs

Free Consultation


Thanks to generous support and funding, we offer up to 20 hours of FREE consultation for any community-engaged research or advisory board project at UW-Madison.

  • There is no restriction in how you use your free consultation hours- we can
    be thought partners as you develop your community-engaged project, co-facilitate advisory boards, support
    writing of posters/publications describing our community-engaged research, and more!
  • Made possible by the UW-Madison School of Nursing.


 Longer Engagements


For longer engagements, consultation services are provided “fee for service” or by including a percentage of WINRS staff time in grant budgets.

If you are developing a grant or project proposal and want to include WINRS services, we will work with you to:

  • Review and provide detailed recommendations on grant sections related to study participant/community advisor recruitment and ongoing engagement.
  • Prepare detailed scope of work document and budget for WINRS consultation services.
  • Provide a letter of support that can be included in your grant application.

CARDS Meetings


Meeting costs include all services described in the CARDS section, as well as compensation for CARDS members who attend the meeting.

CARDS meeting costs:

  • When scheduling a single meeting: $2,300
  • When scheduling multiple meetings: $2,000 per meeting
  • We also offer discounted CARDS meetings for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and early-stage investigators.

Please contact us for more information.