CARDS is a unique and exciting way to get feedback on any aspect of your research project —from shaping the research question and study design to dissemination and implementation.

CARDS members share actionable, candid, and valuable feedback on project plans and public-facing materials to make them easier to read, more engaging, and more inclusive.

Since 2010, WINRS has coordinated CARDS meetings and partnered with the two CARDS groups to strengthen over 300 research projects. Meetings are centered on principles of equity, inclusion, and reciprocity.

WINRS strives to facilitate dynamic, impactful, and mutually beneficial interactions between CARDS and research teams.

CARDS Meeting Services and Costs

Services provided by WINRS include:

  • Co-creating a strategic meeting agenda
  • Managing all logistics for the meeting
  • Facilitating the meeting
  • Writing a post-meeting feedback report
  • Revising materials incorporating CARDS’ input



CARDS Meeting Costs:
We offer a tiered pricing structure for CARDS meetings.

  • For researchers with funding: $2,300 per meeting, if a single meeting is scheduled. $2,000 per meeting, if multiple meetings are scheduled.
  • For graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, early-stage investigators, and researchers without funding:  $750 per meeting.

* All prices cover the cost of payment to participants ($75 per 90-minute meeting)

Want to learn more?

Since 2010, CARDS has consulted on over three hundred projects. 

To see sample CARDS projects, click here.