WINRS marks a significant milestone! (Videos here!)

The CARDS are a perfect 10! The two groups of Community Advisors on Research Design and Strategies (CARDS) coordinated by WINRS just celebrated their 10th anniversary. In honor of the occasion, WINRS held Zoom parties with awards and comments from Dr. Linda Scott, the Dean of the School of Nursing, and Dr. Barbara Bowers, Director, CAP Education & Training Programs. The celebration included special recognition of ten community members who have been part of the CARDS for over eight years! Short video montages of researchers and CARDS members speaking about the impact of the CARDS program can be viewed here:

1) 5 researchers share specific examples of how the CARDS improved study recruitment and research outcomes

2) Community Advisors at the Goodman Community Center share their insights about how the CARDS improve research materials

3) Community Advisors at the Goodman Community Center discuss the personal benefits of participating in the CARDS program

4) Community Advisors at Lussier Community Education Center reflect on the impact of being a CARDS member