Meet a Stakeholder: Gibril Jarjue

Gibril Jarjue

Member of the Goodman CARDS since 2012

Photo of GibrilWhat is one thing you really like about being a member of the CARDS at Goodman?

CARDS seem like family to me. There’s camaraderie and mutual respect, and a lot of understanding in the way we communicate – talking to each other and to our guests.

What is one interesting experience or research topic we discussed at a meeting – something that stands out in your memory?

One memorable experience I have is from the training – when we talked about how we would like to get feedback versus giving other people feedback. I keep reminding myself of the training on giving positive feedback. It’s about giving your honest opinion but in the right way, instead of coming across negatively. It always reminds me to be mindful when I give feedback.

How has being in the CARDS affected your attitude about research?

It positively changed my attitude toward both research and UW-Madison as a whole. Before, I would always see [medical research] ads, saying what they need from participants. The impression I had is that they use you for what they want, and then they let you go and then you deal with it on your own. That’s not really the case – researchers do care. Once I went through the training, I understood more what [research] was all about.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that people might be surprised to learn!

I am a very religious person. I volunteer at my mosque – I’m sort of the president of the mosque – handling the day-to-day running of the mosque and coordinate activities like fundraising and all kinds of stuff. Right now I’m involved with raising funds to build a funeral home for Muslims in Madison and in the surrounding areas.