Mariana Garcia

Position title: Project Manager


headshot of Mariana

Mariana Garcia, PhD, PMP, serves as the Project Manager for WINRS. She helps to coordinate the activities and finances of WINRS’ projects, leads the team’s data management systems, and manages reporting to WINRS constituents. Mariana finds joy in spreadsheets and in creating processes that will help the team thrive. She strongly believes that scientific research is at its best when it actively engages and listens to the priorities of the community. She is committed to WINRS’ mission of bringing the wisdom of community and patient voice into health sciences research. Before joining the WINRS team, Mariana worked for several years in academia and in scientific consulting, always focused on multidisciplinary collaborations. Outside of work, Mariana can be found spending time with her husband and two young daughters, cooking, baking, or reading fantasy novels.