WINRS Collaboration: Sara Fernandes-Taylor and Sharon Weber

WINRS collaborates with research team to develop a Patient and Caregiver Advisory Board

WINRS is collaborating with Sara Fernandes-Taylor, PhD, Sharon Weber, MD, and Stephanie Campbell-Flohr, PhD in the UW-Madison Department of Surgery on the development of a Patient and Caregiver Advisory Board (PCAB). The PCAB will inform their work on patient-centered telemedicine programs for transitional care after complex abdominal surgery. WINRS will develop and co-facilitate a tailored orientation for the PCAB and provide ongoing coaching to the research team on preparation of detailed agendas for PCAB meetings. Additional WINRS services on the project, pending funding from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, will include advice on sustaining the PCAB, formative and summative evaluation of PCAB processes and outcomes, and meetings with the Community Advisors on Research Design and Strategies (CARDS) to review study instruments.

Dr. Fernandes-Taylor has collaborated with WINRS since 2013 on several projects to improve transitional care for surgical patients, and we are excited to work with her again!