Meet a Stakeholder: Yolanda Kennedy

Yolanda Kennedy

Member of the Lussier CARDS since 2012

Yolanda Kennedy PortraitWhat is one thing you really like about being a member of the CARDS at Lussier?

I like the respect each member has for each other.  Although the work we do is taken very seriously by each participant, it’s still a relaxing and comfortable environment. Some words to describe CARDS are trust, kindness, honesty, respect, and openness.

What is one interesting experience or research topic we discussed at a meeting – something that stands out in your memory?

The MYHEART website project really resonates with me because the number of young adults dealing with High Blood Pressure is increasing. Having this useful information readily available to young adults will help them to manage the disease.

Another interesting research topic was managing and preventing infections in nursing homes.  The project focused on the C. difficile bacteria that cause infection.

How has being in the CARDS affected your attitude about research?

Before joining CARDS, I used to think that only research topics deemed controversial or extensive were regulated or monitored.  So, it’s good to know that most research topics need IRB approval.  CARDS has definitely had a positive effect on me, I have learned so much and everyone is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that people might be surprised to learn!

I am an avid sports fan.  My favorite team is the Chicago Cubs. I am slowly becoming a hockey fan, even though I find it hard to keep up with the movements of the puck.